We are a team of Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning founders and product builders.

We’ve been in the trenches several times over and know what it’s like to build a venture capital-backed company. On a daily basis, you are managing the product build while procuring customers and constantly pitching to venture capitalists. It is an absolute grind.

Midpoint Ventures is designed to make the grind easier by achieving speed-to-market in both your product build AND your fundraising strategy.

We leverage AI and Machine Learning to build intelligent systems.  These software tools are safely deployed to deliver sharp insights at and beyond the limits of humans.  They perform consistently, offloading complex calculations onto the metal, freeing decision makers and users to tackle real-world problems, aligning business objectives with human values.

By providing a full-stack software development team and funding, we are able to be more than just a studio, and more than just a check. For each company we work with, we leverage our strong Midwest and national network of resources to help our companies scale.  Scaling, after all, is the name of the game.

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Your Midpoint Ventures Team

Headshot of Israel Squires
Israel Squires, J.D.

Managing Partner

Israel Squires is an M&A / Securities lawyer turned technology entrepreneur turned venture capitalist. Having created products, sold products and procured venture capital from some of the world’s most advanced markets, he brings a global view to building and scaling a technology startup.

Headshot of Devvan Stokes
Devvan Stokes


Devvan Stokes is an engineer and business developer with over 20 years of software development experience, beginning at the Artificial Intelligence Lab in the University of Michigan’s Advanced Technology Lab.  He has a continued passion for using intelligent systems to provide key insights toward building multiple products and startups.